Friday, 8 January 2010

Vampire Diaries - My Thoughts So Far

I'v just watched half of ep 9.... History Repeating itself....and omg it was so good....
This will be very confuseing just to warn you

Iv watched up to the bit were bonnie (emily) says shes fine and walks out the bathroom
I was screaming lol iv watched paranormal activity but this was far more scarier haha

The sookie stackhouse books have stolen so many ideas from the vampire diaries even tho i love true blood but she stolen bits like

the glamour thing
and that the vampires have to be invited in to the house....witch i so dont get? like they can go into bars and stuff but at a house they have to be invited in? dont get it...

And omg tyler is ozzie off of 90210!!! :D haha

err im on both of the brothers side i cant wait till the end so i can find out what happens.... :)


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