Friday, 25 June 2010

More Eclipse

Is it just me or does rob head looks its on someday elses body ..... lol and to up above picture of Bella and Jacob I cant wait to hear the story of the third wife :) yay hahaha 

Eclipse Countdown

With 7 More Days Till I Go See The Preview Of Eclipse In The Uk I Just Wanted To Write Down What I Was Feeling :)

Eclipse is my 2nd fav book in the Saga of twilight :) - More Stills -
 Maria played by Catalina Sandino Moreno - Heres My Thoughts - OMG i love this still Look at her Red Eyes :) OMG i love her costume well what i can see of it anyway the only down side to is her skin....its not sparkling and it looks like she's in the sun...and theres no black dot things to do it on the computer???