Friday, 23 July 2010

DIY Face Mask - Honey And Vinegar

This Face Mask Is Good If You Have Sensitive Skin 

Warm Two Tablespoon On A Stove Or Just Using A Kettle (Just Be Careful If You Choose This Option)

Of Honey (Any Brand You Like) 

And Mix With Half A Teaspoon 

Of Cider Vingar (I Like To Use Apple Cider Vinegar As I Like The Smell)

Then Smooth On To A Clean Dry Face

Leave For 15 Minutes

Then Rinse Off And Pat Your Face Dry

:) Hope You Like This Face Mask

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Moonstruck (Starstruck Look) Using Front Cover

Using My Diorskin Sculpy Foundation As My Eyeshadow Primer

Then A Pea Size Amount On My Eyelid

Then I Used Front Cover Dawn Metallics (Winter 08/09)

Then Using The Cream White Colour

Then Using The Cream White Colour On My Lid Focusing It On My Lid 

Then Using The Glittery Silver Colour 

Then Focusing The Glittery Silver Colour Over The Top Of Creamy White Colour

Then Taking The Front Cover Perfect Nude (Winter 09/10)

Then Taking The Grey Colour 

Then Taking A Fluffy Brush (I'm Using The SS217)

Then Blending The Grey Colour In The Corner Of My Eye 

Then Here Is My Finished Look 

Hope You Guys Liked This :) x