Sunday, 20 March 2011

Primark Head Bands - Show And Tell

Hey guys I know another blog???? haha but i'm in love with blogging now haha anyway moving on, I first saw these on Moreemilk's Primark haul and then on her blog.

So I decided the next I was in Primark I would check these out and i'm in love with them I got two colours.

They were £1.50 each.

It comes with four different ways how you can wear them but as you will see from the pictures below I have my own way of wearing them haha.

I like to make them look like a little rose haha :). My favourite one is the bottom one I just think it suits my hair colour better than the top one. 

So have you got any from Primark or from any other shops??? If so what do you think of them?? 
Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Becca xxx

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  1. I love wired hairbands! I've been making them myself for ages so may sell some soon.