Monday, 18 April 2011

Review On Neutrogena Visibly Clear Moisturiser

This is what Neutrogena say's about this product -

+ Hydrates Skin - the lightweight, easily absorbed moisturiser provides all day hydration and makes skin soft without clogging pores.
+ Smoothes Skin - the unique formula contains MicroClear, a patented spot clearing technology. With daly use, it helps and prevent spots for clear and smoother skin.
+ Evans Out Skin Tone - the formula helps fade spot marks for a more even and healthy looking complexion.

What I say -

I'm in love with this product, it does 96% of what it says on the box.
It's a white moisturiser and it's also oil free, it goes on the skin so soft and very light. I use this about maybe 6 times a day as I have very dry skin, so my skin drinks up any moisture it gets, and it doesn't clog up my pores it makes them smaller (thank god! lol). 
Iv been using this product for about 14 day's now and i'm starting to notice that my spots are fading and i'm getting less break out's and my skin is just in better shape than it was 2 weeks ago (this is the only new thing in my face routine). I used to have some old spot marks on my forehead but they have just totally vanished now (YAY). 
The way Neutrogena can make this product better is have 1 name for it as in the States it's called 
Oil Free Anti Acne Moisturiser
and over here in the Uk it's just called
Oil Free Moisturiser
Ok now i'm just nit picking at things but really the thing they could be doing is have 1 for very dry skin.

Price - £3.83 (or around that price depending on where you buy it)
Where to buy - Boot's or Superdrug (i'm pretty sure anywhere else that sell Neutrogena will have this product) 
How much product you get in a tube - 50ml

thanks for reading this blog post
(promise not to leave it to long to next 1) 

Becca xxx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Small Haul

I have a small haul for you guys, Enjoy :) x

Frist Is 3 tops from Vero Moda

All 3 tops were £10 :) There was a sale on (each top is £5) but if you bought 3 you got one for free (so buy 2 get 1 free).

Then I went to boots and got a stress free mask (Cucumber) and Neutrogena oil free moisturiser and the Barry M - nail effect instant (I know overrated but I couldnt help myself).

Then I went to Superdrug and picked up some MUA (Makeup Academy) 
First thing I got was lipgloss - shade 5
Second thing was lipstick - shade 13
Third thing was bronzer - shade 1

Thanks for reading :) 

Becca xx