Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mudd Sea Mask - Hydrating

Price - round about £2.99 
Where to buy - Boots or anywhere that sells the Mudd range
How much in packet - 50ml

As many of you know I have very dry skin so looking for a weekly hydrating face mask is a challenge. I'v tried a lot of different "hydrating" face mask's, but this is the best by far for 2 reasons. 

1. It make's my skin baby but smooth and It just feels clean after.
2. If I feel I'm going to have a breakout, I will put the mask on for maybe 60 seconds (your meant to leave it on 10-15 mins but I really don't have the time so if I'm in a hurry I just use it as a face wash) and my skin is clear in the morning when I wake up. 

Like I say above I use it as a quick face wash if I'm in a hurry or if I have the time to sit and relax I will use it as the face mask, but both ways work wonders on my skin :)

Thanks for reading :)

Becca xxxx

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