Friday, 14 October 2011

Vo5 Revive Me Daily Shampoo And Conditioner Review

Ok before I go into this review I must admit I'm a big sucker for tv adverts haha. So thats why I bought these Vo5 shampoo and conditioner.
This is the advert I'm on about.

Right sorry about that I just had to put that out there.

On to the review.

I bought these to products from asda about a month ago.
They had all different sort's of types for different hair types and colours, I think I just picked up what was first to my hand as I was in a rush.
I had seen this tv advert about 3 weeks before I bought these products... but I was ohhh and ahhing and erring about the whole "Adaptive Haircare Technology" that adjusts to the level of nourishment level needed to suit everyones hair as it is unique to them. As to be honest anything like that normally doesn't work, but I'm here to say that it works on my hair... iv got quite oily hair so I don't need much to make it look really greasy or anything. 

I really love the smell of these to products just enough so it's a nice ahhh.... but no more than needed.
After using this for about a month my hair feels smoother and shiner in fact everyone keeps asking me at work if I have dyed my hair and the answer is no, it's jus these products iv changed in my hair routine so i'm guessing they are just making my colour just stand out better.
It has them clip down openers so you don't use much, I also like how the bottles are different colour's so I know that the shampoo is the pink one and the conditioner so no more in the middle of rinsing reading labels.

Vo5 shampoo's and conditioners list of products - 
plump me up
revive me daily
revive me daily 2 in 1
nourish me truly
gloss me smoothly
give me moisture
beyond blonde
cherish my colour

The price - anywhere between £1.80 - £2.30 (I think well these are the prices iv seen at different shops)
Size - There are 250ml or 500ml

Thanks for reading

Becca xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

haul - 4th Oct 2011

Hello there you guys :)
I was a bit down the old dumps today so went a small shopping spree :) 
First I will start with what I got in Primark.

Yes I bought a snuggie :) lol but it cant be called a snuggie so it's called a couch cosy.. oh and it has a pocket :) haha 
Cost - £8

Flip Top Box Eye (sorry just going by what the receipt says it is lol)
Cost - £2

Whip Lash Mascara (Iv never seen mascara in a squeezie tube lol thats why I bought it) 
Cost - £2

Smokey Eye Kit 
 Cost - £2

I also bought a Oil cloth bag but forgot to take a picture so on my next post I will put a pic at the end :) 


Sleek - Storm palette 
Cost - £6.49

Me Me Me Poppy Tint 
Cost - £3.25

MUA eyeshadow 
Cost - £1 each 

Thanks for reading guys :)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

(can I just say how hard it was to find the official poster for breaking dawn lol)

EEEEEEEEEE twilighters, twihards, fanpires and anything else we get called.
BREAKING DAWN PART 1 is like a month away or something crazy like that I cant wait :) 
Midnight showing Yes :) just need to book 6 tickets for me and my friends :)
and yes I will be bringing tissues its the beginning of an era here ... Im gonna be so sad next year though..   :(!! 
Is anyone else going to the midnight showing or are you waiting till a couple of days after or are you waiting till it comes on dvd??

All my love