Tuesday, 4 October 2011

haul - 4th Oct 2011

Hello there you guys :)
I was a bit down the old dumps today so went a small shopping spree :) 
First I will start with what I got in Primark.

Yes I bought a snuggie :) lol but it cant be called a snuggie so it's called a couch cosy.. oh and it has a pocket :) haha 
Cost - £8

Flip Top Box Eye (sorry just going by what the receipt says it is lol)
Cost - £2

Whip Lash Mascara (Iv never seen mascara in a squeezie tube lol thats why I bought it) 
Cost - £2

Smokey Eye Kit 
 Cost - £2

I also bought a Oil cloth bag but forgot to take a picture so on my next post I will put a pic at the end :) 


Sleek - Storm palette 
Cost - £6.49

Me Me Me Poppy Tint 
Cost - £3.25

MUA eyeshadow 
Cost - £1 each 

Thanks for reading guys :)


  1. Im so jealous right now, you bought the MUA colour I wanted most!
    I went to superdrug the other day just for that colour and it was all sold out! bought 4 others though... oops :) x

  2. awwh no... haha what 1 did you want the glittery 1 or the pale peach colour?? by the way i like love your blog :) haha xxxx