Wednesday, 8 February 2012

IMATS - photos and follow us around on saturday

Hey there you guys :)

This blog will have lots and lots of photos so be ready :) 
here is the video from saturday, I will blog more about sunday and my haul later in the week.

What I wore on the saturday -
I was going for the whole 1920s-1930s look :)

Green playsuit - Republic - £20
Flower hair thing - Superdrug - price was about £2.99 for a black and red 1.
Cardigan - Primark - about £15??

There are lots of pics so have a scroll down :)

 These paints gave off a 3D effect if you had 3D glass's on AMAZING!!

 Georgie (aka and )

Louise (aka and )

 Louise  (aka and ) and Nichole (aka and

Steph - (aka and )
*CREDIT this photo was taking off of stephs blog*

 *CREDIT this picture was taking off of Laura's blog*
 from left to right Louise - (aka and ) then Leanne (aka )
Georgie (aka and ) then up at the back Kim (aka ) then Laura (aka ) then me :)

 I had a great time at imats and the next bunch of photos from sunday will be coming up in the next few days :)


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  1. YAY what an amazing post and so many fantastic photos. Good times :) xoxo