Thursday, 28 June 2012

LOTD || Ebay #1

Hey if I can be very honest I don't like ebay that much and if I do go on it's just to remember my childhood but I never buy anything off it,
But for the past couple of weeks I find my self looking up and I hate to use this word ... vintage polly pockets.
Now when I say vintage I mean early 2000s and to me that's not vintage but alas this is what I have to look up when Im looking for these beauties :)

Ahh the days when these would fit into your pocket :)

So thanks for reading this blog post :) I will be doing a glossybox unpacking blog later on when I get back from shopping so check back at about 10pm Uk time (gotta edit the video and edit video etc after I get back from town) to see my first unpacking of my first ever glossybox .


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